Blue Sky services are designed to ensure that each step of recruitment chain is carefully coordinated and managed.  Our staff is comprised of professionals who are committed to securing the process so as to meet your requirements. Given our network of service providers and partners In Middle East, we are in a position to support your recruitment needs anywhere in the world.


To support the company’s constant growth, new facilities are continuously being developed and implemented, enabling us to provide effective service to both clients and applicants.

  • Corporate Head Office

At the heart of Kathmandu City is a four storey office building which houses the various administrative and support facilities. Additional facilities we have are the Training and Trade Test Centers. Blue Sky Head Office has spacious employer and guest / interview rooms.

The orientation Room allows foreign companies to conduct applicant exams, orientations and seminars.

  • Training and Trade Test Centers

The Training Center has a huge area with living quarters that can accommodate 400 persons. We have excellent trainer and modern equipment for the training and trade test of the Nepalese candidates. We are very serious in ensuring that every person selected and deployed is qualified and competent. The Trade Testing Center will be a venue for conducting trade tests for applicants. With the new Trade Testing Center, the company will be able to conduct trade testing in-house under the supervision of highly competent personnel, thereby eliminating the need to send applicants to affiliated trade testing.

  • Information Technology Systems

The company’s information system is the key to providing fast, accurate and reliable service. Its network of over 30 computers is protected by a comprehensive virus defense system and firewall. The Foreign Employment Service Solutions (FESS) is software based tailor made for Blue Sky. It is a fully-integrated database system of thousands of CVs maintained for reference, urgent needs of the employers.  Our Recruitment software manages and controls the information from all stages of the recruitment process, from pre-selection, medical, flight and deployment information to make it user friendly and fast track information management systems