Foreign Employment Promotion Board

August 17, 2022

Foreign Employment Promotion Board

The Government of Nepal has formed the Foreign Employment Board (FEB) to make foreign employment safe, orderly & dignified, and protect the rights and benefits of the workers and foreign employment institutions. The FEB has been formed as per the provision in Article 38 of the Foreign Employment Act 2064. The Foreign Employment Board has a secretariat to conduct the regular activities of the Board.( BlueSky International )

Chaired by the Hon’ble Minister of Labor and Employment for the FEB, it has representation from high-ranking government officials, foreign employment entrepreneurs, trade unions, foreign employment experts, and representation from organizations working in the field. The Board currently has 25 members, including the chairman.

The Board performs the functions as per the decisions and directions of the Foreign Employment Act 2064, and Foreign Employment Rules 2064. So far, the Board has been mainly providing financial assistance to the families of the deceased, medical expenses to the sick and injured, assistance in bringing the stranded bodies abroad, rescuing workers due to internal insurgency in the destination country, rescuing the stranded workers due to economic recession, conducting public awareness programs and running shelter/safe houses abroad. The Board has a welfare fund to carry out the above-mentioned activities. The fund will have the amount deposited mainly by the workers going for foreign employment as prescribed by the prevailing law.

Occupying around 23 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, the sector is establishing itself as the backbone of the economy. Therefore, the Board has the view that there should be coordination, cooperation, and collaboration among the workers, foreign employment recruitment agencies, civil societies, and all other concerned bodies to make this sector safe, orderly, and dignified.

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