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  1. The First Party shall issue a Demand Letter to the Second Party mentioning the number of workers requirement, rate of the salary and other services.
  1. Both parties herein shall obtain the approval of the respective government to import, recruit and supply the workers as per rules of both countries in regard to the conditions necessary to import and supply. In case of any conflict between government rule and the conditions of this contract, this deed of agreement shall be deemed as Null and void.
  1. The first party shall provide with Visa/NOC work permits of the workers from the government authority, together with other necessary relevant documents. In case of not issuance of visa due to any changes in Government policies, the first party shall be responsible for the recruitment experience.
  1. The earning of the worker per month shall be as per the attached Demand letter shown against each category.
  1. The second Party shall make sure that all worker recommended for the first party are examined by an Employer of (G.C.C.) Nepalese doctor to appoint them by Employer of the concerted government. The candidates must posses a valid certificate of the effect of the fitness such as AIDS, T.B. and infectious or any other diseases. The second party will submit original medical along with passport copy.
  1. The First Party will be responsible for receiving the workers at the airport in part and as whole as per validity of Visa of concerned country.
  1. The second Party is the supplier of the workers and will bear the responsibility for recruitment of the workers from Nepal exactly as per trade or may invite the first party or its authorized representative for recruitment of the workers within the stipulated period and not exceeding 45 days from the receipt of visa advice and other allied required documents.
  1. The first party agrees to bear the compensation in case of death or injury of the workers and also agrees to bear the cost of transport of dead body to Nepal as per the labors law of country concerned.
  1. There will be three months probationary period for all workers; after completion of this period, if any worker is found unfit or unsuitable for the specific job the worker may be terminated and repatriated at his own cost and the cost will be borne by the Second Party.
  1. The workers will be inter-viewed, tested by representative of the employer
  1. The Second Party shall assist the workers in matters relating to immigration formalities, medical test and Visa stamping from the relevant Embassy and whatever other relevant matters.
  1. The First Party ensures to provide the workers with free bachelor sharing accommodation, free, food and other necessary amenities, including medical and insurance coverage.
  1. The First party agree to enter into agreement with Second Party To supply Nepalese manpower of different categories such as skilled, semiskilled and unskilled workers, the number and qualification in respect there or are be specified by the first party through task orders.
  1. The First Party agrees to advise to the Second Party of its personnel requirement from Nepal through cable, telex or letter, specifying personnel requirements, their respective job descriptions, salaries, other terms and conditions and the desired mobilization dated on respective site.
  1. The Second Party shall be responsible for short of qualifi ed candidates in conformity with the first party’s requirements notified under clause 2 above. The second party notify the first party of such short-listed qualified candidates who are ready for final interview and selection. The first party has the right to either send his representative or give the second party the right select, process and send such qualifi ed workers at the second party’s full guarantee.

Whenever an HR vacancy arises, we can help by accessing suitable qualifi ed and experienced personnel. We are able to give advice on rates, advertising and the availability of candidates. We can also help with more general HR needs by involvi ng our recruitment Management team who will be pleased to outline a wide range of HR solutions.

We have developed a reputation as a premier recruitment company, especially in the area of human resources solutions in Middle East, Far East, Macao, Hong Kong and many more.

Blue Sky offers its service for its clients from its main Information Service Desk from where any relevant information can be obtained. Moreover, the candidate registration is also carried out and the databank is maintained as well. This serves as a good information system for the company, which helps in updating the jobseekers’ record on a regular basis. It also operates ‘Bio-data Bank’ where candidates’ information is recorded and can be provided upon request as per the requirement from our valued employers.

Department of Blue Sky if fully computerized and networked entirely in order to provide our clients and the candidates the best and prompt service. Our staff members are always committed and ready to help its clients and provide quality recruitment service.

After receiving the company requirement, we apply with Department of Labour (DOL), Nepal for authorization, the DOL grants the approval on being satisfi ed about the credibility of the demand letter and attesting that terms and conditions offered are conformity with the government regulation. The permission allows the recruitment company to advertise the demand in local and national newspapers and also allows starting the recruitment process.

We maintain an up to date bank of potential candidates with full information on their skills, education technical/trade qualification and experience and advertising allows other candidates to compete for the post. Blue Sky screens the short-listed candidates by pre-interview. The final interview for sort listed candidates after pre screening can be conducted by the employer or his representative or by Blue Sky taking oral, written and practical test. The selection is made purely on merit basis giving equal opportunities to all. The employers are confident that the personnel selected by the selection committee will fulfill their human resource needs.

We also undertake practical trade test at the Technical Training Institute. Companies can select the employees directly by an interview and practical test at office. The trade test is taken at Technical Training Institute where our selection committee observes the workers directly to their respective job assessing their competency.

Only selected candidates are sent to an authorized hospital or clinic for a full medical examination. The candidates, who are fit medically and physically for employment, are eligible to sign the employment contracted.

After receiving employment visa and job offer letter, the orientation briefing is organized to make all workers fully aware of the employment company, country’s laws and orders, labour laws, immigration policy and maintaining understanding and cordial relation between employer and employee. The orientation takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guidelines in the field of their employment and direct them to maintain good working relationship and motivates them to do their duties/ responsibilities in professional manner.

In all case, we send all the visa endorsements, passports to the concerned airlines, to confirm the scheduled flight form Nepal to the nearest airport of the working country. PTA may be send to any airlines operating from Kathmandu under intimation to us.

Our reputation for service is recognized in Nepal and other country, and our entire staff stands ready to work with you and your staff in any way we can be of assistance. We would be delighted to demonstrate to you how our recruitment services can help you find suitable human resources from Nepal in diverse categories. We have been doing recruitment business for the last 17 years focusing mainly on Middle East.

We have been supplying human resources for various categories from unskilled manual labour to highly skilled technical, professional and managerial fields for esteemed organization like ALMARAI, DANYA, SADCO, CCC, NOFA, ARCHIRODHAN- Dubai, Abu Dhabi Police Force, International Golden Group, Emirates Gateways security Services, Dialamaid, Abu Dhabi National Hotels, Belhase Six Constructions, Salman Group of Copanies / Al Raja Printing Press, Watania, Sheraton Dammam Hotel and Tower, Modern Arab Construction, Support Services, Rawabi Group, Rubaiya farm, Saudi Aircon, Al Mubarak, R A R, R H M, I D C, Al Fusion Wood Industries, CAT, A R D, Gulf Gasket, Najd Laundry, AI Rai Food Industries, Saudi Development and Re Export Service Company Limited, Al jeresi Computer and Communication, GECAT, Many Group, Alatas Big Lift, and many more who have found our recruitment services trustworthy and credible for their human resources needs.

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    We align ourselves with our clients and candidates as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. We have developed a reputation as a premier recruitment company, especially in the area of human resources solutions in Middle East, Far East, Macao, Hong Kong and many more. As per our recruitment specialization is concerned, it gives us a pleasure to inform you that we have been supplying for the esteemed companies in Middle East and Far East.

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