A Brief history and timeline of our company and its progress.

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The inception of Sky Overseas, along with four partners (Bal Bahadur, Prem Bahadur Katuwal, Ram, and Top Rana). In the same year, Sky Overseas began recruiting Nepalese professionals in Saudi Arabia's hotel and service sectors.


Started hiring Nepalese personnel for Abu Dhabi Police in the UAE.


Prem Bahadur Katuwal initiated Blue Sky International following his departure from Sky Overseas.


Blue Sky International is officially registered as a recruitment agency in Nepal with the motto "Our Vision Your Secure Future". Blue Sky recruited Nepalese workers as security guards in Malaysia in the same year.


Domestic Helping Caregivers were sent to Hong Kong.


Established the official branch of Blue Sky International in Dubai to provide recruitment services to our valued clientele.


Blue Sky International received a certificate of appreciation from the government of Saudi Arabia for our significant contribution to the 2008 Almarai Global Salary Survey.


Diversified our recruitment service to Israel and introduced advanced technology from Israel to Nepal (Dripping System).


Blue Sky International played a key role in the establishment of the Saudi Embassy in Nepal.


Agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia to recruit security guards from Blue Sky International in 125+ Saudi embassies located across the world.


Blue Sky International expanded its services besides recruitment to include fruit and dairy plants as well.


Acted as a supporting hand to the government of Nepal to deal with COVID-19 through awareness campaigns.


Blue Sky International entered Japan as a recruiting agency and has been delivering recruitment services from the Tokyo branch since then. Blue Sky International's global reach as a recruitment service provider continues to expand with over 20 countries served with job opportunities in a variety of industries such as hospitality, agriculture, engineering, management, and many more. 

We are in the process of  providing recruitment opportunities across Europe in countries such as Serbia, Romania, and others in the near future.

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